Casa Schuck

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The couple met in New York City while working in Manhattan and fell in love. They both moved permanently to San Miguel  in 2001, after  “911” , and after their own wedding in Casa Schuck on September 1st.  Susan, a long time resident of San Miguel along with her family vacationed annually here in town since 1967. Casa Schuck was originally built in 1969 as a grand scaled private villa for Charles and Gladys Schuck, who came to San Miguel in 1957 from Westport, Connecticut in the U.S. Casa Schuck became the winter home for the Cordelli family, who transformed its 10 bedrooms into a luxury bed & breakfast. And the result: one of the most unique places to stay  and have a intimate wedding in San Miguel de Allende, with more than thirty years of history in this vibrant community. See for yourself how to live in grand Old World style just three blocks from the center of the action in San Miguel — a place where Susan, Charles, and the spirit of Gladys and Charles Schuck will treat you like family



In the desert highlands of central Mexico there lies a rich history of wealth, culture, art, music,and religion built around centuries of silver mining, regional pottery craft, hand painted ceramic tile production, leather goods manufacturing, desert hot spring spas, a vibrant art community, and a perfect year-round climate. Welcome to San Miguel de Allende, the crown jewel of central Mexico, a National Historic Monument and bustling international art community located two hundred miles to the north of Mexico City, an ancient cobblestoned town nestled in a valley far away from the hustle of city life.

It was here in this magical place that artists from the world over have assembled and flourished since the mid-20th century, gathered around the internationally known Instituto Allende, an art academy that transformed the region and inspired a bohemian lifestyle in a similar spirit to Santa Fe, Big Sur, Fire Island, and Provincetown, Massachussets. American travel writer Rima Suqi wrote of San Miguel in TRAVEL & LEISURE: “With its cobblestoned streets, colorful 16th- and 17th-century houses, neo-Gothic churches, and hilly terrain, it’s no wonder San Miguel de Allende has been luring artists and writers since the 1940’s,” adding, “In recent years, an infusion of new B&B’s, stylish restaurants, and boutiques has given this colonial town a more modern vibe.”

Among the early American expatriates who arrived in San Miguel in the 1950s was an energetic couple, Charles and Gladys Schuck from Westport, Connecticut, who were drawn to the region by wanderlust and the siren call of the Mexican desert lifestyle. The Schucks were incredibly active in the burgeoning expatriate community and organized efforts to invest in the building of schools in and around San Miguel for local children, the formation of the library, and reading and language programs to enrich the lives of all who called San Miguel their home.

In 1966 they rescued an Colonial ruin at the corner of Barranca & Hospicio where they rebuilt the statuesque 18th century hacienda that had once stood there. When completed in 1971 Casa Schuck, as they called it, now a stunning 10,000 square foot walled family compound built around a lush central courtyard, became known as one of San Miguel’s most elegant and dignified homes.

Gladys and Charles entertained in grand style throughout the late 1960s and 70s, and their daughter’s family visited during the winter months, residing in a private guest house inside the compound. In 1977, upon the deaths of both Gladys and Charles, the storied house became one of San Miguel’s original bed & breakfasts, and hosted an international clientele who were just then discovering the Mexican highlands, including Princess Lee Radziwill, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Kitty Kallen just to name a few.

Since that time Casa Schuck has built a lasting reputation as one of the best hotels in the area, earning praise from Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, and The New York Times. American travel writer Mary Trasko may have captured the spirit of service and accommodations best in AUDREY Magazine: “It’s as if you are a treasured guest in someone’s lovely Mexican hacienda.”

Like many of San Miguel’s famous Colonial homes, the magical atmosphere that lies behind the massive wooden doors is a secret garden seen only by those invited inside. Just inside the doorway at Casa Schuck you are immersed in a world of bright colors, lush gardens, and the sound of splashing water in the landscaped fountain. Upon further exploration you discover that the house is built on three levels, with a lower level, a garden level, and an upper level, with a rooftop sun deck that overlooks downtown San Miguel and the foot hills in the distance. The scale of the rooms is larger than any other hotel in San Miguel, and guests often say they feel like they are staying in a grand castle. Each bedroom has 12 foot beamed ceilings, fireplaces, and carved French doors, and access to the pool and the sun deck. “I felt like I was staying in a chateau,” says New York interior designer Mike Robinson, who comes to San Miguel each year. “It’s like you are staying in someone’s lovely hacienda,” says travel writer Mary Trasko, who fell in love with San Miguel on a trip last year. Among the list of appealing aspects of Casa Schuck is the spacious and quiet atmosphere, with over 5,000 square of gardens, sun decks, balconies, and livingrooms—both indoor and outdoor—to roam around in. “We want guests to feel at home here, and for most people this amount of space instantly relaxes them. Guests find quiet areas in the garden to read, or write in their journals on the patio,” says Susan Cordelli Easter , the granddaughter of Gladys and Charles Schuck, who along with her husband Charles Easter (she was married in the courtyard at Casa Schuck in 2001) who are now the managers of the family business for Nancy Schuck Cordelli and Tito Cordelli the owners of Casa Schuck.

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